7 Key Ways to Get Clients to Download Your Legal App

Aug 27, 2019
legal app Apps for Law Firms

More and more businesses are turning to web and mobile apps to create permanent, custom portals for returning and potential clients to reach them. Now legacy industries like the legal profession are realizing that this is not just a trend, but a lasting new means of monetization. The question is, how can law firms get clients to download and use their app?

1. Offer Exclusive Content

As a law firm, you have something everyone is going to want at some point. If they know they can have access to even a taste of it via your legal app, they’ll happily download.

2. Offer Real Value

The secret to online sales is trusting the power of an unlimited audience. This means upsetting the high priced norms of the legal profession to some extent. Remember, the more you give, the more you’ll get.

3. Offer Exclusive Online Discounts and Special Offers

Building on the last tip, it’s important to keep your bigger online audience returning via your legal app. This helps with Google ranking and visibility. So reward them for using it by offering goodies that are only available through the app.

4. Advertise Via Social Media

The app economy is powerfully driven by social media. You’ve got to promote it on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. Law firms promote heavily in these spaces, so it’s not out of the ordinary.

5. Push App Content to Social Media

If spending time working with social media seems like a pain, you can set your legal app to push any new content out to specified social media platforms automatically. This makes social media advertising much simpler.

6. Reach Out to Bloggers for Help Promoting the App

There are plenty of bloggers who will be happy to write about your app- especially because legal apps are a relatively novel idea. If your app is truly special, you’ll get their genuine enthusiasm.

7. Embrace Promotional Offers

Promotionals are the name of the game. Keep in mind, you’re sacrificing premium prices to give irresistible offers to a huge audience. You’ll nab their interest and have them coming back again and again.

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