5 Reasons to Build a Mobile App for your Company

Aug 29, 2019
mobile app law firms

If you are a partner at a law firm, work as an attorney or manage a firm, you should seriously consider implementing a mobile app. When used properly, a mobile app will serve as a meaningful competitive advantage for your law firm. Here’s why.

A Mobile App Connects You to That Many More Potential Clients

The best reason to use your law firm mobile app is to connect with those in need of legal services. Nowadays, just about everyone has a mobile computing device in their pocket. People love¬†smartphone apps, especially ones that have the potential to lead to financial gain. Load up your law firm’s mobile app with engaging legal content and it will be that much easier to connect with prospective clients.

An App Establishes Your Legitimacy

The best law firms use their mobile app to reinforce their legitimacy as savvy legal practitioners. Use the app as a platform to provide prospective and current clients with generalized legal advice. There is no need to be highly specific with the information you provide through the app. Add helpful information and those who are on the fence as to whether they will pay for your legal expertise will be that much more likely to retain your services.

Clients Prefer to Interact With Law Firms Through Mobile Apps

People are becoming more tech-oriented with each passing day. Members of the millennial age cohort and even some of those in generation X favor communication through high-tech tools as opposed to the traditional telephone. A growing mountain of statistical evidence indicates more and more people prefer mobile apps over websites. Using a mobile app is quicker, easier and less intimidating, especially when the subject matter revolves around the intricacies of the law.

One-click Referrals

The best leads often stem from referrals made by current clients. Ideally, your app will facilitate referrals as it shifts them from the offline offline realm to mobile devices. Your mobile app’s referral button should be large and easy to find. With a single click, this button can transmit your law firm’s contact information to a prospective client, making it that much easier to build your client roster.

Stay at the Forefront of Clients’ Minds

The competition between attorneys is notoriously fierce. Prospective clients are inundated with an absolute avalanche of ads and information about attorneys. If your firm does not stay at the forefront of prospects’ minds, those potential clients will gravitate toward another firm. Invest the little bit of money necessary for a mobile app and you will have a convenient means of keeping your firm’s name and contact information directly in front of those most likely to need your services.

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