3 Ways Building an App for Your Law Firm Helps Increase Client Acquisition and Retention

Sep 03, 2019
Law Firm App Acquisition

Your law firm has a website, a Facebook page, and ads in the phone book, on TV, and newspaper, so you’re thinking you’ve covered all bases when it comes to attracting potential clients. Think again. If you don’t have an app, your law firm is missing out on potential customers and losing customers to your competition.

Why Does My Law Firm Need an App?

But I already have a web presence, you say. That’s the first step. With more and more people going mobile, while websites are great, apps are where it’s at. If you have a smartphone, do you go to the website and scroll through pages to get the information you need? You might, but if the retailer has an app, you’re probably using that instead. Think about all the potential customers you’re not reaching who rely on apps. With this in mind, let’s look at three reasons you need your law firm app.

1. Add Another Channel to Your Marketing

Not all your customers are going to see your firm’s message in the paper, on TV, or even on the Web. In many cases, the first place the smartphone users look is for app they have on their screen, especially a law firm app. This is to ensure they have a connection with that company. Think about Amazon, Spotify, and Pandora. All these companies market to their customers via apps.

2. Keep Your Clients Engaged

It’s not enough to have a website or Facebook page any longer. Your customers are looking to have a more personal relationship with you. With your law firm app, you can sync your social media and address questions right there. You also now have a way to contact your clients and potential customers 24/7 right to their phone.

3. Create Push Notifications with Ease

Apps can provide a way for you to get your message out with push notifications. These work better than newsletters because they arrive right to your clients and potential customers, keeping you and your law firm in front of them.

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